PMS Flow Chart

  • Download PMS-1 & PDF-2 forms from Co's website
  • Send duly completed forms to us along with payment.
  • Forms sent to BARC for Approval
  • Approval received from BARC
  • Dispatch of TLD Badges to Clients
  • Use of TLD badges for 3 months by Radiation workers
  • Receipt of TLD badges after 3 months from Radiation workers
  • Reading & Dose evaluation at our end
  • Normal Dose found
  • Updation of Dose reports on Co's website and Dispatch of Hard copy of Dose Reports
  • Over Exposure (0.E)
  • Report to AERB
  • AERB letter 8, Questioner to client for Over Exposure
  • Client reply to AERB on 0. E. including Questioner & investigation report
  • AERB decision on 0.E. Result (Genuine or Non Genuine)
  • Updation of Dose in Renentech's & BARC's records

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