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Renentech Laboratories Pvt Ltd., Mumbai provides Radiation Personnel Monitoring services (PMS) under certification from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) since 1999. In 1999, we became the first private sector company in India to be selected and awarded the prestigious accreditation certificate to provide Personnel Radiation Monitoring Service (PMS) to all radiation technologist in India.

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Our Products & Services

Personnel Radiation Monitoring Services

Renentech Laboratories has been accreditated by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) to provide personnel Radiation monitoring service (PMS) by providing TLD badges to personnel working in Medical, Industrial & Dental installations to measure exposures to ionizing radiation.

Quality Assurance Services

Renentech Laboratories provides Quality Assurance and Area Surveillance in order to ensure that the radiation doses received by staff, patients & members of the public does not exceed the prescribed dose limits and further that such doses are kept As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

Dosimetry Products

Renentech Laboratories manufactures high purity Thermoluminscence ( TLD ) phosphor powders, TLD cards & Cassettes for Radiation Dosimetry based on Dysprosium Doped Calcium Sulphate matirx.

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Our Testimonials

Dr. Dayananda S. Shamurailatpam (Chief Medical Physicist & RSO, Dept of Radiation Oncology)

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute is a tertiary health care center located at Andheri (west), Mumbai, India. KDAH is equipped with the latest state-of-art technology for imaging and treatment. At KDAH, the use of any form of ionizing radiation is strictly in accordance with the Atomic Energy Radiation Protection Rules, 2004, issued under the Atomic Energy Act, 1962. Safety codes issued by the national (AERB) and international (IAEA) organizations are strictly implemented and continuously monitored by the hospital radiation safety committee. In fulfilling the gold of radiation safety for patient and staff, we avail personal monitoring services from Renentech Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Goregaon, Mumbai. I understand that Renentech Laboratories is accredited by our national board (AERB) for providing personnel monitoring services and recently for carrying out the quality assurance and commissioning test of various medical X-ray equipments. I am also aware that Renentech has all the infrastructures and well trained specialist to carry out the specific services as per the national and international safety codes and guidelines. My experience with Renentech over the past many years are commendable. They are prompt, efficient and delivered quality services. With the regulatory requirements becoming stricter for X-ray installations and subsequently hospital accreditation, I wish to see Renentech playing a major role in providing a high quality service to the community.

Dr. A.M. Pendse (RSO and Medical Phyisicist, P.D.Hinuja National Hospital & MRC)

Our TLD Personnel Radiation Monitoring Service was transferred by BARC in October 2005 to Renentech Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Mumbai . Since then our hospital has been availing TLD Personnel Radiation Monitoring Service from Renentech Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. In that time of 9 years, our hospital's Radiology, Radiotheraphy, Nuclear Medicine, Cathlab Department has grown dependent on their TLD Personnel Radiation Monitoring Service. What sets them apart from the other service providers is their commitment to the customer. I would describe their commitment to service as excellent. Their professionalism is very good ... they always seem to have what we need, or are willing to go the extra mile for us. Their staff is very polite and courteous to us and have solved all our queries on time. We have always received the TLD card, Dose reports on time and are very satisfied with the quality of their dose reports. Also their response time for our urgent requirements of TLD cards for new staff members & urgent processing have always been to our liking. With their new feature of Dose reports availability on their company website within quick time of our sending TLD cards back, it is very heartening when our NABH & MCI audit requires these reports for inspection immediately.

Dr.Prof. Harshad Shah,M.D., D.M.R.E.,FICR. Prof & HOD, C. U. Shah Medical College & Research Centre)

It is my pleasure to tender this testimonial in favor of "RENENTECH LABORATORIES PVT LTD.", who have provided the Quality Assurance & Compliance services for Diagnostic Radiology Equipment at our Hospital "C U SHAH MEDICAL COLLEGE & RESEARCH CENTRE" and we are their clients for Personnel Radiation Monitoring (TLD Badges) for last 10 years I am very impressed with the way the Quality Assurance services have been delivered with a proper scientific methodology, which are in line with AERB norms and Regulations with no Quality compromise and highly Tech-Know-How professionals. 'RENENTECH' continue to provide an excellent service for which we are extiemely grateful. We believe that this valuable, professional service comes at a very competitive price and would not hesitate to support them for similar areas of works. have no hesitation in recommending this company to any prospective client looking for a high quality delivery of building compliance services.

Dr. Arun Chougule (Sr. Proffessor & Head Department of Radiological Physics Dean)

This is to certify that M/s. Renentech Laboratories Pvt. Ltd Mumbai is providing the personnel monitoring TLD badge services to SMS Medical College & Hospital since 2000. Presently we are receiving over 350 TLD badges every quarter for radiation workers/staff in Radiodiagnosis, Radiotherapy, Cardiology, and Orthopedics, etc. We are satisfied with the services provided by M/s. Renentech Laboratories Pvt. Ltd Mumbai in terms of delivery of TLD cards, badges, etc.

Mrs. Kalpana Thakur(Chief Medical Physicist & RSO, Holy Spirit Hospital)

Renentech Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is a BARC accredited laboratory for Personnel Monitoring Services and our hospital has been availing this service since 2005. The laboratory is very prompt in providing services and we are receiving TLD badges well in advance before the start of a new service period. We are receiving the dose reports from them regularly on time and overall we are very satisfied with their services. They have also undertaken Quality Assurance services of our Cathlab equipment and their quality of testing and interactions with their RSO has impressed us a lot. We also appreciate their gesture of giving a free presentation to our radiation staff for around 30 minutes on the topic of Radiation Protection & safety during their visit for Quality Assurance. I would recommend their services to everyone who needs the TLD badges and Quality Assurance services for medical diagnostic equipment.


It gives me immense pleasure to testify for Renentech Laboratory Private Limited, Mumbai for Quality Assurance and Compliance services provided to the Diagnostic Radiology Equipment at Wanless Hospital, Miraj Medical Centre, Miraj. The Quality Assurance of our equipment has been done. as per A.E.R.B. regulations professionally, efficiently and promptly by the highly qualified and trained staff of Renentech Laboratory Private Limited. The Wanless Hospital is also associated with Renentech Laboratory Private Limited, Mumbai for the TID batch monitoring for the past many years. We highly appreciate their services and recommend this company to other Hospitals/Diagnostic Radiology facilities. I wish them all the success for, their future endeavours and for continuation of the Good Quality Assurance Services provided by them.

Mr. Sushil Dumbre (Trivitron Healthcare Pvt.Ltd)

RENENTECH LABORATORIES PVT.LTD, MUMBAI as our authorized service representative for western India region to offer Quality Assurance(QA) testing of our Digital Radiography Systems, Analog and Digital Mammography Systems and Bone Densitometer(BMD) system as per the latest regulations and guidelines from Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB), India. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

MR. R.R.Ramkumar(Sindoor Faber)

This is to state the M/s Renentech Labs Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai have completed the Quality Assurance Tests on our Radiology equipment per the AERB norms. Their services are professional and satisfactory.

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