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Quality Assurance & Area Surveillance

Radiation Compliance Testing ( Quality Assurance )

Any work involving radiation may entail some potential hazards. Knowledge of the nature and degree of these hazards due to radiation will help in taking appropriate control measures. Among the several human made radiation sources, diagnostic radiology contributes maximum exposure to the surroundings. However with good equipment and proper work practices it can be ensured that the radiation doses received by staff, patients and members of the public do not exceed the prescribed dose limits and further that such doses are kept As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)

One of the fundamental goals in Diagnostic Radiology is to provide the best possible output with minimum radiation dose and at a minimum cost to the patient and institution. To achieve this goal it is essential that a Quality Assurance (QA) and Surveillance program be developed and implemented in all X-ray source diagnostic departments.

Compliance Radiation Testing (QA) comprises one of the main statutory requirements for safe and controlled operation of the radiation source equipment. Equally important is the criteria concerning the safety aspect of the radiation worker (technician) handling the equipment, the patient undergoing the test and others in the immediate vicinity of the installation.

Our quality assurance services leave nothing to chance. We provide quality assurance for the following: 

postbullets  X - Ray (fixed and Mobile) / DR System
postbullets  CT Scan
postbullets  Cathlab
postbullets  Mammography
postbullets  C Arm machines
postbullets  Dental X - rays
postbullets  Orthopentogram (OPG)
postbullets  Cone beam CT (CBCT)
postbullets  BMD

Important Note :

For guidance in the test procedures, the customer may consult us since we conduct the QA testing and for corrective measures the customer may consult the service representative of the equipment manufacturer / vendor.

The responsibility of Quality Assurance rest upon the technical staff of the Diagnostic department 

Objective & Need of Radiation Testing ( Quality Assurance ) 

Monitor on a regular basis the functioning of the equipment with respect to its parameter performance as mentioned in the specifications to ensure that the equipment delivers proper and consistent doses over a period of time which do not adversely affect the equipment, patient, technician, other staff or members of the general public. This is achieved by doing a periodic QA of the equipment. 

Monitor the area in and around the installed equipment through periodic checks ( Area monitoring ) in order to maintain acceptable levels of scatter or leakage radiation in and around the area of the installation by taking preventive measures if needed. This is achieved by doing a periodic Area Surveillance procedure. 

The Test Procedures of QA involve the following steps 

postbullets  Carry out the QA tests as per the prescribed procedures.

postbullets  Record the results.

postbullets  Analyze the results.

postbullets  Seek corrective and preventive measures if results are not satisfactory.

postbullets  Repeat the tests until satisfactory results are obtained. 

The Evaluation of Area Surveillance includes :

Inspection of the equipment and examination of its location with reference to controlled and non controlled areas in the immediate environment and measurement of exposure levels in the environment arising from the operations of the equipment.