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Radiation Thermoluminscence Monitors

Types of Personnel Radiation Monitors (TLD Badge)

For evaluating the dose absorbed by the radiation workers while working in the radiation field, TLD cards with the TLD cassettes are used. There are three well defined regions in the plastic cassette corresponding to three TLD discs of the TLD card.

There are two types of TLD badges in use namely, 1.Chest Badge, 2.Wrist Badge.

Though the dosimeter & design of both the types of TLD badges are same, they have different attachment   ( Clip or Strap )  for wearing purpose.

Chest Badge IMAG0533
It is the badge with the clip worn on the chest level under the lead apron to estimate the whole body dose. These monitors are used by people who are exposed to X-rays, gamma rays, beta rays, or a mixture of these types of radiation. This badge is generally used with the white colored cassette.

IMAG0537 Wrist Badge
It is the badge with the strap worn on the wrist to estimate extremity dose in case of hands are getting exposed. These monitors are used by people whose hands may be very close to radiation sources.

Control Badge IMAG0565
 One more badge which used with colored cassette is called as Control Badge. It is to be kept in the radiation free area to note down the amount of back ground radiation.

Chest badge (both Personnel & control) are mandatory to use. Wrist badges are optional (to be used only in case of hands are getting exposed.) Following are the fields where wrist badges are necessary to use.

postbullets  Industrial gamma radiography
postbullets  Nuclear Medicine department
postbullets  Cath Labs, where catheterization is done.